Wellness zone

Our Royal Hotel, is the only hotel in the region, that has a swimming pool on the last floor of the building. The stunning view that unfolds via glazed walls creates a relaxing aura. For the lovers of hydro massage, our Wellness Zone has a jacuzzi, and for the lovers of saunas, it has two hot spaces – dry sauna and steam room. Our Wellness Zone is open only for the Hotel Guest, which gives them the needed privacy.

We all deserve a moment of relaxation. In Royal Hotel & Spa, we understand these needs, which is why we have prepared the Wellness Zone on the top floor. The stunning view that unfolds via glazed walls creates a calming aura.

You can experience evening relaxation in dry sauna or in steam room, which, thanks to the appropriate arrangement, have a lot of space, ensuring comfort of use. Two types of saunas are available daily from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, so it is up to you when it is the right time to relax. The steam sauna has a steam generator that heats the water and diffuses it into the air, keeping a high humidity. For people who value a low level of moisture, a dry sauna is recommended. The benefits of
using dry sauna are, for example, an improved circulation, a lowered blood pressure and a strengthening of the immune system.

For those who are more active, our Wellness Zone also includes swimming pool and gym. Who would not like to enjoy an activity with a beautiful view? It is worth remembering that only guests of our hotel have the access to the Wellness Zone. Therefore, privacy and comfort are provided for your stay.

To those who are stressed and tired, we propose our jacuzzi. A bubble paradise that will massage and relax the whole body, is waiting for you on the third floor. Relaxing after a long day in a bathtub with a beautiful view is something that each of us deserves. If you want to try all of the attractions of the Wellness Zone, visit Royal Hotel & Spa.