Tourist zone – Podlasie region

  • Supraśl – a town located 15 km from Białystok, invites tourists with its captivating atmosphere. It is worth visiting the Supraśl Monastery, the Museum of Icons or the Buchholtz Palace, which now houses the Art High School, the Catholic churches of Our Lady Queen of Poland and of the Holy Trinity, the town hall, cinema, a 19th-century park and historic wooden architecture.
  • Tykocin – the baroque pearl of Podlasie region. The 600-year-old town is picturesquely situated on the Narew River. The most characteristic point on the map of Tykocin is the Royal Castle, the only one in Podlasie region. We also recommend visiting the Great Synagogue and the beautiful Town Square with the second oldest secular monument in Poland.
  • Kruszyniany – a small village located on the Tatar Trail. The biggest attractions of this place are the mosque and the mizar – the Tatar cemetery. You can also try real Tatar cuisine here.

Silvarium, a forest park in Poczopek. An amazing place located in the heart of the Knyszyn Forest. One of its attractions is the Megalith Park, i.e. the wandering rocks. We will find here many educational and natural paths, as well as many typical recreational places.

  • Białowieża – the home of the Białowieża National Park, the oldest park in Poland. A refuge for many forest animals, including the king of the forest, i.e. the European bison. These proud animals can be admired all year round in the animal reserve. The heart of Białowieża is the Palace Park with the interactive Nature and Forest Museum.

Pictures: Białystok Subiektywnie