Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology are important, complementary and supportive fields in a professional beauty salon. Doctors present at the Cosmetic Institutes help solve cosmetic and dermatological problems. They carry out advanced, specialized beauty and healing treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic medicine
Consultation150 ZŁ
Lip augmentation and modeling1000 ZŁ
Lip modeling and revitalization850 ZŁ
Facial volumetry with hyaluronic acid1000 ZŁ +
Computer anesthesia150 ZŁ
Botulinium Toxin600 ZŁ +
Tissue stimulators800 ZŁ +
Treatment of hyperhidrosis with botox1500 ZŁ +
Platelet – rich plasma800 ZŁ
Platelet – rich fibrin800 ZŁ
Autologous Plasma Filler1500 ZŁ
PDO threads
Eyes600 ZŁ +
Cheeks1100 ZŁ +
Neck700 ZŁ +
ALMA Harmony fractional laser / photorejuvenation
Hands600 ZŁ
Face + neck800 ZŁ
Face, neck + decolletage1200 ZŁ
Full face600 ZŁ
ALMA Harmony fractional laser / discoloration removal
Face, neck + decolletage1200 ZŁ
Face + neck800 ZŁ
Full face600 ZŁ
Forehead/Cheeks/Hands500 ZŁ
Platelet Rich Plasma800 ZŁ
Platelet Rich Fibrin800 ZŁ
Mesotherapy500 ZŁ +

Doctor Paweł Ponichtera

Doctor Paweł Ponichtera has been involved in aesthetic medicine for over 16 years.

International trainer and coach, working with brands such as My Filler, Venome, Croma. He conducts training not only in Poland, but also in Italy, Romania, Albania and the Republic of Kosovo. Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Aesthetic Business portal, editor and consultant of the Studio Estetyka platform. The owner of Hollywood Dental Clinic and Hollywood Estetic Clinic and SPA Beauty Partner Dr Irena Eris. Aesthetic medicine consultant and trainer of the Dr Irena Eris network. Author of publications and scientific articles. Member of the Scientific Council of the International Association of Mesotherapy.

Paweł Ponichtera graduated from the Medical Academy in Bialystok, Faculty of Medicine, major in medicine and dentistry in 2006 and the University of Public Administration, major in Public Health in 2007. Initially associated with the Medical Academy in Bialystok, later a doctor and medical director of a large clinic of dentistry, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

Graduate and participant of many international trainings and courses in the field of aesthetic medicine, e.g. University of Insubria in Italy, Endodontic Curriculum, Implantology Curriculum, Carl Zeiss certificate in the field of microscopic dentistry.