Tourist zone – Białystok

The Branicki Palace and Park Complex in Białystok is the most beautiful historic monument in Białystok. It is surrounded by baroque gardens, which are among the most beautiful in Poland. Currently, it is a department of the Medical University. The oldest working clock mechanism in Poland is located in the Branicki Palace gate.

Kościuszko Square – is the representative and central square of Białystok. It is the heart of the city, beating with a lively rhythm, full of monuments, pubs and restaurants. It was created thanks to the hetman Jan Klemens Branicki, who rebuilt the market square after the city fire in 1753.

The Sybir Memorial Museum is dedicated to people who, from the end of the 16th century until the middle of the 20th century, were enslaved and sent deep into Russia, and later the Soviet Union, as well as to those who went there voluntarily. Museum tells about prisoners of war, prisoners, exiles and deportees.

The Trail of Białystok Murals – Białystok has been known for several years for its street art that is created on buildings and walls of urban locations. The most recognizable “Girl with a watering can” is famous all over the world. Currently, there are nearly 40 murals all over the city and new ones are constantly being added. For tourists’ convenience there is a map with all of the important street art spots. (map link)