Stary Rynek brewery

Caesar with shrimps
romaine lettuce/ cherry tomatoes/ onion/ parmesan/ croutons
41 ZŁ
Caesar with chicken
romaine lettuce/ cherry tomatoes/ onion/ parmesan/ croutons
37 ZŁ
Salad with chicken liver
salad mix/ cherry tomatoes/ black olives/ blue cheese/ vinaigrette sauce
39 ZŁ
Green Halloumi Salad
salad mix/ grapes/ raisins/ strawberries/ pomegranate/ vinaigrette sauce
43 ZŁ
Lamb goulash soup
pepper/ smoked plum/ homemade pasta
31 ZŁ
Sour rye soup
homemade wholegrain sourdough /white sausage/ smoked meat /egg
27 ZŁ
Fish soup
as per legendary Royal Hotel & Spa recipe
39 ZŁ
Shrimp tempura
mango sauce/ jalapeno peppers
shuba salad from Podlasie/ lovage mayonnaise
39 ZŁ
Beef carpaccio
parmesan/ capers/ arugula
47 ZŁ
Beef tartare
shimeji mushrooms/ lovage mayonnaise/ chives/ pickles/ yolk
45 ZŁ
game/ fried oyster mushroom/ green onion
43 ZŁ
prosecco/ butter/ herbs
59 ZŁ
Fish & Chips
rosefish/ beer cake/ fries/ green peas/ mayonnaise/ baked garlic
47 ZŁ
Pork chop
mustard-apple sauce/ potatoes with bacon and dill/ salad mix
57 ZŁ
BBQ sauce/ fries/ coleslaw
51 ZŁ
Ham Hock
March beer/ baked cabbage/ dill/ mustard puree
55 ZŁ
Pappardelle puttanesca
tomato sauce/ anchovy/ olives/ tuna/ garlic/ capers
45 ZŁ
Tagliatelle aglio e olio
virgin olive oil/ garlic/ zucchini/ carrot/ chili
41 ZŁ
Spaghetti carbonara
guanciale/ yolk/ onion/ pecorino romano
47 ZŁ
Tenderloin129 ZŁ
as per weight/100 grams
49 ZŁ / 100g
Surf & Turf 129 ZŁ
Steak Doneness: rare/ medium rare/ well done
Sauce: pepper/ herbal butter/ anchovy butter/ smoked butter/ golden
Vegetables: vinaigrette salad /cherry tomatoes with onion/grilled vegetables
Extras: fries/ sweet potato fries/ fried potatoes with dill and savory
butter bun/ beef/ cheddar/ bacon/ vegetables/ BBQ sauce/ mayonnaise/ fries/ coleslaw
43 ZŁ
Royal Triple Cheese
butter bun/ beef/ raclette/ camembert/ cheddar/ cranberry jam/ crispy fried onion/ vegetables/ fries/ coleslaw
49 ZŁ
Ruben Sandwich
rye bread/ pastrami/ Swiss cheese/ sauerkraut/ cucumber/ Russian sauce
59 ZŁ
Phili Cheese Steak
butter bun/ entrecote/ provolone/ green pepper/ red onion
51 ZŁ
Surf & Turf Burger
butter bun/ beef/ shrimp/ calamari/ tomato/ Swedish salad/ mayonnaise-wasabi/ pickle salsa
53 ZŁ
For beer lovers
4 x chicken strips/ 4 x spicy wings/ 4 x stuffed peppers/ 4 x onion rings/ fries
57 ZŁ
Smoked meat from Podlasie
homemade marinades/ horseradish/ beetroot salad/ mustard
59 ZŁ
Korycin Cheese
homemade jam/ nuts/ grapes
51 ZŁ
Homemade lard
rye bread/ smoked bacon/ homemade pickles
39 ZŁ
ketchup/ garlic sauce
23 ZŁ
Belgian fries
fromage cheese/ radish
27 ZŁ
Belgian fries
camembert/ cranberry/ dill
33 ZŁ
Belgian fries
parmesan/ parsley/ truffle oil
39 ZŁ
white chocolate/ salt caramel/ nuts
29 ZŁ
mascarpone cream/ sea buckthorn coulis / seasonal fruits
29 ZŁ
fruits/ ice cream
29 ZŁ

Browar Stary Rynek is the center of brewing in Bialystok and it is located on the Kościuszko Square. We invite you to a tasting of the regional beers. In Browar Stary Rynek, you will be able to taste both well-known beers, which are on the menu all year round, as well as original seasonal beers. The philosophy of our restaurant is based on combining tradition with modernity. Having a centuries-old beer recipe tradition, we interpret it anew, through a modern brewhouse with a capacity of ten hectoliters and fifteen fermentation and storage tanks of the same capacity. Thanks to this, we offer the best beers in Białystok.

However, Browar Stary Rynek is not only about alcoholic beverages, but also about excellent cuisine. Our menu includes dinner courses and snacks, in both vegan and non-vegan options. The varied menu will allow everyone to choose the right dish that is in line with their taste.

Our brewing center is not only a perfect place for a getaway with friends or family, it is also an ideal space for business meetings, where you will be able to get to know your customers or employees better. Large windows and timeless decor will allow you to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere.